• Is Your Dog Peeing in the House? Our P-Suits® Have This Covered

    Stop Dog Peeing Indoors and Manage Dog Incontinence with
    Barkitwear®: The P-Suit® for a Pee-Free Home

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  • Protects Your Home From Pee


    Barkitwear® P-Suits® help protect your home from dog marking, incontinence, females in heat, and behavioral & submissive peeing. They can also be used to control dog breeding and can be used along with training as a crate-free tool.

  • Patented Design

    dog heat diaper barkit ware p suit

    One P-Shirt + One P-Belly = A P-Suit® and a Pee-Free Home! Our patented three-piece design allows our Barkitwear® P-Suit® to protect your home from pee.

  • Comfortable

    dog heat diaper barkitwear

    The Barkitwear® P-Suit® uses quality lightweight and organic fabrics with great recovery and ease of stretch. This helps your long or short-haired dog feel comfortable playing, sleeping, and moving around while wearing it!

  • Dog-Friendly Design


    Our Barkitwear® P-Suits® feature adjustable collars and back tabs, large armholes for extra comfort, and a wraparound design that will stay secure and comfortable on your dog.

  • Award-Winning Invention


    The Barkitwear® P-Suit® for Dogs recently won INPEX®'s 2015 Most Popular Invention of the Year!

  • Wash, Dry & Reuse


    All parts of the Barkitwear® P-Suit® are machine-washable and reusable, so you don't have to replace anything after your dog tries to pee!

  • Works With Sanitary Napkins


    Disposable sanitary napkins can be placed within the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Liner on top of the Soaker Insert for a disposable urine-absorbing option.

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