Cotton P-Suit® Dog Diaper Set


Our cotton unisex pet diapers are durable, strong, and will stay on your pet! Perfect for the “Houdinis” in your family.  Our patented multi-piece design will help stop your pet’s incontinence or behavioral peeing while you’re out and about or enjoying your pet at home.

How to Measure
1. Body Length (BL): Measure the length of your dog’s body from the middle of your dog’s chest, across the torso, to the midway point just below your dog’s tail area. This measurement takes into account the length and girth of your dog’s body.

2. Neck (N): Measure the circumference of the base of your dog’s neck above the shoulders.

Please select the best size for your dog below. All measurements provided with each size are in inches or pounds. The symbol “≤” means less or equal to.


Dog Diaper Extender Options

If your dog’s neck or body length measurements falls around or above the upper size chart limits for your dog’s size, please select the appropriate extender kit(s) below to ensure best fit.

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