P-Suit® Waterproof Dog Diaper Complete Set – Green & Navy


Best used for heavy peeing and dog incontinence
Waterproof Dog Diaper

The P-Suit® dog diaper is a dog diaper for males and females that actually works! We designed the diaper, the P-Suit® bottom piece, to stay on with a shirt–the P-Suit® top piece.  Our unique, patented two-piece design, along with a disposable sanitary pad, will fit a dog’s anatomy and stay on.  It is comfortable for your dog and functions so well that you will finally have peace of mind without needing crates or gates.  Not to mention, it’s actually cute!  Most people who visit your home won’t know it’s a dog diaper!


Dog Diaper Extender Options

If you used our XS-2, S-2, M-2, L-2, XL-2 or 2XL-2 sizes in the past–or if your dog’s neck measurement falls above the listed size chart range for your dog’s size–please select our Neck & Waist Extender Kit to ensure best fit. We also offer body length extenders for dogs whose body length measurements are at the higher end of the size chart range listed for their sizes.

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