Not all of our blogs will be about rough situations at home with your dog.  While we will address those kinds of situations, we also love sharing tips and ideas on how to live with your dog at home in a fun, stylish way that will make your pet happy and you smile.  This is especially true when it comes to cute DIY dog furniture projects involving dog beds.

Not all dogs have rough times in the house, and if you’re like us, you like trying DIY projects for dogs and decorate using your furry friend as an inspiration—especially when indoor dog marking is no longer an issue!  We have beds, blankets, clothing, food, dishes, collars, leashes, puppy stairs, chews and toys for our dogs.  As you will see, it’s possible to incorporate these DIY dog projects into your home without having it look like a doggy daycare.

Ideas for DIY Dog Furniture and DIY Dog Beds

One of my favorite things to do for my dogs is to have special beds for them placed into existing furniture.  I have three dogs, and amazingly they all have their individual DIY dog beds.  On some days, however, our chihuahua Godzilla and pug Lola will try to stake a claim on each other’s DIY dog bed.

Cast-iron end table with dog bed

My favorite DIY dog bed of the moment is my end table by my couches in the family room.  This is the bed that Godzilla sleeps in mostly.  It is a metal industrial table that has an open base.  I cushioned and upholstered the top of the bed with a neutral fabric and attached it to  a sturdy plywood board and it sits on the base of the table.  It’s decorative and functional, and my dogs LOVE it!  Most people who come to my house don’t even realize it’s a dog bed or DIY dog furniture! 

How You Can Incorporate DIY Dog Furniture and DIY Dog Beds Into Your Home

Look for ways to incorporate your dog’s bedding into existing furniture. If your existing furniture does not work, invest in a nice wooden bed or wrought-iron bed that looks great in your room to create a cool DIY dog furniture statement.  All you have to do is wash or change out the cushion of your dog’s spot in the room will always look comfy, clean and beautiful!  If you want to pick a more decorative fabric for your room, choose a pillow sham option.  You can use a standard pillow and sham, tuck the corners of the sham into the wrought iron bed to create a custom look.

diy dog furniture bed

Of course, for large DIY dog beds, I’m going to have to put on my thinking cap!  I’m not sure a German Shepherd would be too comfortable under my end table DIY dog bed setup.


And then there are those times where you don’t need a DIY dog bed.  The back of the couch will always be a good choice, especially when you’re not home.  But if you want to give your dog some fun DIY dog furniture to lounge around in, give one of these cute DIY projects for dogs a try!