Why should I buy the Barkitwear® P-Suit® for Dogs for my dog, and why is it a great escape-proof dog diaper alternative?

The Barkitwear® P-Suit® is a very beneficial and innovative escape-proof dog diaper alternative that works with all types of dogs and lifestyles. Its innovative design, hand-set adjustable snap system, and three-piece, machine-washable components make it a great, reusable dog marking & incontinence solution or training aid that will immediately stop urine marking on your furniture, rugs and drapes.

What is dog marking, and how can I stop it from happening in my home?

Dog urine marking occurs when a male or female dog pees in small amounts around various locations either outside or inside a house. It is often misdiagnosed as a urinary or house training issue, when in reality it is a natural and normal way that dogs communicate with each other. It is also common in households with multiple dogs, and studies have shown that it is tied to dominance and pack status behavior. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian to rule out other health issues before using the Barkitwear® P-Suit® complete set with your dog as an indoor dog marking solution. Getting your dog spayed or neutered will help reduce the likelihood of urine marking. Visit our What is Dog Marking page for more information and facts on dog marking!

How do I find the best Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment size for my dog?

The fit of the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment on the dog is essential to the function of the P-Suit® garment.  Please visit our Sizing Charts page for detailed instructions and videos on how to measure your dog’s chest and body length.  If you’re still unsure about what size fits best on your dog, do not hesitate to contact us!

How did you come up with your prices for the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment?

Many factors have gone into the pricing for our Barkitwear® P-Suits®. For one, the P-Suit® garment is a durable, reusable and high-quality dog marking & incontinence solution that consists of three separate pieces–a Garment, a Liner, and a Liner Insert–that, when used together, help protect your home from dog marking. We also use durable, dog-friendly cotton blends that have ease, good recovery and breathability, which allow your dog to move around naturally while wearing this escape-proof dog diaper alternative. The P-Suit® garment’s front & rear hand-set snap system–as well as the Velcro adjustment system on both sides of the Liner & Garment–ensure that the P-Suit® garment can be easily adjusted to your dog’s body.  There are no hard buckles and no straps, and our patented design prevents urine leakage. It is also machine-washable, and–when taken care of properly–will last many months with daily use. Our product is also proudly made in the United States, and meets our requirements for ethical production standards. With the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment for dogs,  you will be getting a product that works, and one that will protect your beautiful drapes, precious rugs and furniture from dog marking for many months to come–all while keeping your dog comfortable and eliminating the need to crate him or her!

How often do I have to clean the Barkitwear® P-Suit® dog diaper suit?

We recommend washing the Barkitwear® P-Suit® escape-proof dog diaper alternative on an as-needed basis. This is especially true for the Liner & Liner Insert, which will all absorb at least some urine each time your dog marks.  If you are using a disposable adhesive sanitary napkin with your dog’s P-Suit® complete set, we recommend inserting a new sanitary napkin in the Liner each time after your dog pees in the P-Suit® Liner & Soaker Insert.

How would you recommend cleaning Barkitwear® P-Suit® Complete Set?

We recommend presoaking the Barkitwear® P-Suit® complete set for 30 minutes in a bucket of warm, sudsy water with detergent. Doing this will remove practically all of the urine in your dog’s P-Suit® complete set prior to washing. If you feel it’s necessary, disinfect your washing machine prior to cleaning your regular clothes.  You can also hand-wash all three pieces before drying them instead.

Do I have to use all three Barkitwear® P-Suit® components together in order for the P-Suit® garment to work?

In order for the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment for Dogs to work properly, you must follow the instructions provided in your order and on our How the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Works page, and you must also use both the Garment and Liner in conjunction with any one of the following for the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment to work: (1) P-Suit® Soaker Insert Only – Ideal for light dog marking and light incontinence; (2) P-Suit® Soaker Insert plus a Disposable Sanitary Napkin – Ideal for heavy marking and mild to heavy incontinence.

How can I use the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment to train my dog not to pee in the house?

The Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment for dogs can certainly be used as a training tool to help discourage your dog from urine marking indoors! Acts as simple as introducing new furniture, rugs, drapes, visitors or even pets are enough to prompt a male dog to mark in the house. Visit our Dog Training Tips page to view how the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment for Dogs can be used to stop dog marking in your home.

What is the difference between our P-Suit® and belly bands for dogs or other dog diapers?

Our P-Suit® escape proof dog diaper alternative is different from belly bands in both its dog-friendly design and in the way it is constructed to capture and contain urine marks. For instance, belly bands compress a dog’s midsection and anatomy when worn, and are very prone to leakage since they only cover the area immediately around the dog’s privates. Belly bands can also fall off if not tightened properly, and are intended for use with male dogs only. On the other hand, the Barkitwear® P-Suit® garment for dogs is designed to accommodate both male & female dogs, and its lightweight, breathable stretch fabrics, hand-set adjustable snaps and escape-free, clothing-like design ensure that the training system is secure and comfortable on your pet.  The P-Suit® Liner and Soaker Insert also cover the area both in front of and behind the dog’s anatomy, reducing the potential for leakage from heavy urine concentration. Since dogs also tend to pee forward, belly bands are ineffective on capturing pee and keeping your dog from getting wet and uncomfortable.  The P-Suit® Liner and Soaker Insert system accounts for this issue through its cupped, bowl-like design and moisture-wicking fabrics, which helps stop the forward progress of dog urine in a way that doesn’t result in leakage.

Can the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Complete Set be used for dog incontinence?

The P-Suit® complete set can be used for dog incontinence. We advise using the machine-washable Barkitwear® P-Suit® Liner & Soaker Insert for light incontinence, and adding a thick disposable sanitary napkin on top of the Liner & Soaker Insert for mild to heavy incontinence.  experiment with various thick, winged disposable sanitary napkins that can be completely encased within the liner. We also recommend checking your dog often to see how often and how much he or she urinates in the garment so that you can replace sanitary napkins and/or soaker pads accordingly. Please do not leave your dog home alone for an extended period of time if you are using the Barkitwear® P-Suit® as an incontinence product.

Can I use the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Complete Set for issues other than how to stop my dog from marking?

Yes! Customers have used our P-Suit® escape-proof dog diaper alternative to stop dog shedding on furniture, control female dogs in heat, and even control stud dog breeding. You can also use the P-Suit® with your dog while traveling, so that you don’t need to worry about your dog marking in your friend’s house or hotel room.

When I put the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Complete Set on my dog for the first time, he or she seems to just stand still and be unresponsive. How do I get my dog to move around?

We recommend giving your dog some time to adjust to wearing our P-Suit® escape-proof dog diaper garment, especially if he or she is not used to wearing dog garments in general. If this is the case, introduce your dog to the garment in small increments, and use positive reinforcement such as treats or play time while your dog is wearing the garment. It is also possible that your dog may need a different size. As long as you can easily slip your fingers underneath the collar and see that the garment doesn’t cover the anal area under the tail, your dog is wearing the right size, and any adjustments can be made around the neck and tail using our hand-set snap system. Please refer to our How the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Works page for important fitting tips regarding this. If you feel that you may need a different size for your dog, discontinue use of the training system and contact us immediately for a size exchange.

Will my dog get overheated while wearing the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Complete Set?

The Barkitwear® P-Suit® escape-proof dog diaper alternative uses a breathable, lightweight cotton & polyester fabric blend, so your dog should not get overheated while wearing the garment. If you notice excessive panting, it could mean that your dog is warm and needs water. He or she could also be feeling stressed from wearing the garment for the first time; if this is the case, gradually introduce him or her into the garment in small time increments, and use positive reinforcement such as food or treats while your dog is wearing the garment. However, not all residences are the same, and we recommend observing your dog’s behavior and err on the side of caution–particularly if you live in an area where extreme high temperatures are the norm and/or in a residence that lacks air conditioning.

How long does the Barkitwear® P-Suit® Complete Set last?

Our P-Suit® escape-proof dog diaper suit will last at least several months with daily use. All components of the training system can be purchased separately, and can also be interchanged with the components already included in your Barkitwear® P-Suit® complete set.

Can the Barkitwear® P-Suit® keep my dog from defecating in the house?

The Barkitwear® P-Suit® complete set is designed specifically to stop dog peeing and incontinence, and therefore will not keep your dog from defecating in the house. We’ve actually designed the P-Suit® complete set with a tail opening to ensure that your dog is comfortable in this area!

Stop dog peeing & Manage dog incontinence indoors without crates or gates with the Barkitwear® P-Suit®

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